Mynesweepers Tire Inserts


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Mynesweepers never leave you stranded trailside… You can ride out, dead flat!

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Mynesweepers are lightweight, closed-cell foam tire inserts that are designed to provide superior protection and improve performance, while securely getting you to the end of your ride.

Simply install Mynesweepers inside your standard tubeless tire system and inflate to your normal pressure.

Mynesweepers instantly give you the confidence to smash through technical terrain and actually use all of the travel in your suspension, without damaging your wheels!

Mynesweepers also help to prevent sidewall pinch flats, but in the event of a large tear, they provide enough support to get off the trail, even at zero psi!

At a fraction of the weight, and a fraction of the price, get yours today or get left in the dust!

Wheel Size

26", 27.5/650b, 29er

Tire Width

2.2-2.4", 2.4-2.6", 2.8-3"


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