Shimano Zee/Saint Brake Pads



Sintered Metallic or Organic Semi Metallic

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Organic Semi Metallic – 50/50 Metal/Organic Material with Steel Back Plate; High Friction, Good Modulation, Long Life, Oil Resistant. Best ALL ROUNDER at the best price…

Our semi-metallics offer the best value on the market. They have a longer wear life and better modulation than our competitors. Due to a high friction coefficient they have low noise and less heat buildup. Safe to use with alloy, carbon, and titanium rotors. Safe for “resin only” rotors. 

Sintered Metallic – >60% Sintered Ceramic Metal with Copper Back Plate; Extreme Use, Extra Long Life, Best Modulation, High Temp Performance, Oil Resistant, Prone to Noise. Best High Speed Stopper for ALL WEATHER Conditions…

Sintered pads are very popular with down-hill racers. They modulate well and work better when they heat up a little. They are reliable in the most extreme conditions. Recommended use with standard steel rotors. 


Sintered Metallic, Organic Semi-Metallic


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